Caffè Trinca

Trinca coffee was born from the entrepreneurial intuition of its founder, Giuseppe Trinca .
He senses the possibility of elevating the common roasting to a 2.0 version by dedicating his efforts to the creation of products with high quality standards and sublime aesthetic impact.
This choice is the result of a natural evolutionary path that leads, after long research, to a decisive change in the coffee segment hitherto little valued, placing Caffè Trinca in the rose of excellence.
Right from the start, the choice to position itself in the single-portion sector is decisive and winning.
In fact, Caffè Trinca is specialized, in addition to coffee beans and ground coffee , in the production of pods and capsules compatible with all existing systems on the market.
The distribution of the products is well rooted throughout the Sicilian territory on the reference channels. Supermarkets, large distribution and organized distribution are now solid business partners.
The rigorous control of quality standards has allowed, over the years, to acquire the esteem and trust of numerous customers, so much so as to give rise to the need to open a company branch that deals exclusively with " private labels ".
To date there are many brands, of great success and of national importance, which are produced and customized by Caffè Trinca and appreciated by thousands of consumers. Now consolidated on the national scene and in various foreign countries also with other brands, Caffè Trinca , always looking for new challenges, develops business strategies to give the final consumer a complete experience by bringing him into his own "exclusive world".
The continuous and tireless research has made it possible to merge together the deep tradition of coffee, which has its roots in the distant past, with technological and strategic innovation, generating culture and greater attention to a primary product for the life of each individual.